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Digital Applications

Over the last eight years, Intensify Digital has successfully developed, patented, and launched leading software platforms for media aggregation, video broadcasting, digital marketing, social media posting and sharing.

1. Buzcast

Social Video Platform

  • Registered Patent in September 2011 (USPTO No. 13/152,148), Buzcast ( is an enterprise level media aggregation and video broadcast platform. Buzcast schedules and releases media content into both social and digital channels at the optimum frequency. Buzcast ensures that videos are cross-platform compatible, and strategically placed consistently in front of the target segment(s). The Buzcast platform is easy to navigate, embed on websites, and share over social media. The Buzcast technology can be white-labeled to power any media company (i.e. Buzzfeed, LADbible).

2. Gofreq

Frequency Marketing Platform & Service

  • Gofreq is a digital marketing platform and service that provides patented frequency marketing, e-commerce, and lead gen tools that rapidly increase sales over all digital channels. Gofreq's methodologies rapidly increase our clients digital footprint, while simultaneously maximizing their digital positioning. Gofreq’s dynamic suite of productivity tools are designed to leverage the power of Internet search, social media, email, PPC, and video. In simple terms, Gofreq helps you dominate over your competition in the digital space, resulting in targeted traffic and sales.

3. Powola

Hybrid Digital Signage

  • Powola is a realtime integrated display and local search platform. We help store / mall owners or exhibitors provide buyers with on location real-time deals. Sellers create deals and coupons using the powola mobile app. Powola then broadcasts realtime ads over all digital signs and other digital mediums.

4. Imaginecast

Podcasting Platform

  • Imaginecast is a video / podcast distribution and promotion platform built for iTunes, Youtube and Twitter. Imaginecast is the most efficient way to upload, showcase, and promote your videos / podcasts over all digital channels. Imaginecast can be white-labled for any podcast studio.

5. Pynna

Social Listening App

  • The Pynna application helps companies harness the power of listening – the most important piece of the communication process. We “listen” to the social chatter that is specific to your company, your industry, and your competition. We alert you and your team to what is being said, in real time. So instead of merely tracking the chatter, your company can now engage your audience and build relationships like never before.