Intensify Digital is the best way to tell your digital stories.

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Your Story...TOLD

With all the noise on the web, it's time to rise above.

Patented Process

The Intensify Digital platform uses proprietary methodologies to manage digital storytelling narratives.

Secure Content Releasing

Intensify Digital is your personal digital releasing system for all content, including stories, artwork, social media, videos, etc.

Powerful Digital Pods

The platform makes it easy to deploy social pods, which are key to successful distribution and engagement of your story.

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What is Intensify Digital?

Intensify Digital is a storytelling platform that streamlines, manages and secures digital content.


Intensify Digital increases success by leveraging the three cornerstones of digital marketing: Content, Frequency, and Influence (CFI).

No Mobile App Required

Intensify Digital is easy to set up and easy to use. No installed app needed!

Who Can Use Intensify Digital?

Intensify Digital has a wide range of applications, including entertainment, marketing, event management, charitable fundraising and political campaigning.


Intensify Digital has successfully marketed and digitally released more than 60 major Hollywood film titles including Walt Disney Studios and DreamWorks.


The platform has been used to successfully manage the narrative for high-profile political campaigns.

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Featuring Story Activate™

Intensify Digital provides the technical framework to deploy the Story Activate™ methodology. Now, writers, producers, directors, filmmakers and marketers can engage more deeply with their audiences, creating connections to last a lifetime. The Story Activate™ methodology was created by Folktellers Studios.

Story Board

Capture and communicate your story. Intensify Digital's workflow controls your story boards.

Story Craft

Once the storyboard is uploaded, it's time to craft and add your narrative.


Story Tell

Using Intensify Digital's platform, you can launch transmedia storytelling campaigns to share your story.

Story Activate™

Intensify Digital is designed to work with this storytelling methodology.