Private Influencer Platform

What is IntensifyDigital?™ is a Private Influencer Platform™ that securely connects “Digital Influencers” with “Content Creators”

1. Content Marketing

The platform enables “Content Creators” to securely share their content with “Digital Influencers” for redistribution. The result is maximized content promotion and ROI.

2. Scheduled Releasing

Through patented technology “Content Creators” manage and schedule content to be released to the right audience at the most effective frequency.

3. Secure Communication

Influencers receive a secure digital content package with everything ready to post. The platform verifies influencer postings and measures campaign effectiveness.

Why it's Rad!

The NEW platform is the culmination of over ten years experience building digital marketing solutions, including multiple patents and secret sauce :-). These solutions helped to successfully market more than 60 movies for most major Hollywood studios, plus numerous other products and services. Through a streamlined workflow, the platform helps creative content dominate on digital.

Celebrity Approved

Our team has been working with celebrity's for decades. This plaform has been tested with celebrity influencers and exceded expectations. We are proud say IntensifyDigital is "Celebrity Approved".

Corporate Approved

Our team has also been working with large corporations and agencies for decades. This plaform has also been tested by our corporate clients and has met all the MVP requirements. We are proud say IntensifyDigital is "Corporate Approved".


How to Gain Access?

We are sorry, but the IntensifyDigital platform is a private service. There are only two ways to gain access to the platform: 1. be invited by a current user. 2. be asked to be an influencer on a campaign. If you are a professional agency or influencer and wish to learn about the platform, please contact us here and our support team will respond as quickily as possible.

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What are Creators and Influencers?

Official Content Creators

A Content Creator is a person who is responsible for publishing and distributing digital media. Content Creators produce films, music, blogs, eBooks, marketing material, etc. Content can be in the form of text, videos, images, PDFs, PowerPoints, etc.

Official Digital Influencers

A Digital Influencer is a leading or persuasive person in a macro and micro market. Digital Influencers embrace content that they are passionate about and distribute it, to an audience, through their channels of influence.